Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Settling Into Belfast

Sadly my work permit to head to Canada didn't work out so I had to make my way to Northern Ireland. Luckily the Fairmont Banff Springs offered for me to come back anytime so I might head over there this summer 2018. Meanwhile I have been in Belfast a week and wow what a city! Really looking forward to Christmas here. I am working in The Culloden Estate and Spa. I have just enough time to get my minimum of 12 weeks done. Definitely playing catch up though I did 65 hours over 5 days. The first day killed me but I caught on very rapidly (had no choice really). The experience is good. It was hard going from being a part time chef to a full time chef. Now I am more than used to it. After 2 days it became quite normal. The people are lovely but I am still very much alone. Eventually I will meet new people and make new friends it's only been a week so I just need to give it time. I did feel very overwhelmed the first few days as I have never been away from home as I am actually from Waterford so never even moved for college. Between going from a kitchen the size of a shoe box in my last job to a massive kitchen, different accents and slang words. Having to open a bank account, do my washing, feed myself, bathe, trying to get enough sleep and work crazy hours. It has been great though for me. I'm maturing and have a lot more responsibility which can only be good for me in the long run! The head chef is lovely and I am definitely learning some new techniques and culinary terms. On my first day I was only in the kitchen 5 minutes and learned what a rocher was. It's a quenelle using only one hand. I look forward to having some free time to dine in some of the amazing restaurants up here and explore the city. Looking forward to what is to come over the next 11 weeks!!! by Beth Murphy.

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