Thursday, 7 November 2019

Life in Toronto!

Hello again,
Louise here, I am half way through my first semester here in Humber College in Toronto. Most of my modules here are in the kitchens. The level is quite easy level of cooking compare to what we have been doing in WIT.  I can see the different ways they cook and teach different cooking methods. In most classes you get to take home food which is very nice as is much better than the food in the student accommodation. The pastry class is very basic, which has its pros and cons, I am using it to know the basics very well and to try excel in them.
Getting around Toronto, we use the bus and subway (get presto card) to get into down town Toronto and use apps like lyftand uber instead of taxis as they are cheaper. Uber eats is good too for all type of food (when you get sick of the canteen food). Day trips like going to the zoo are good which we did. Itsoutside the city so we needed to get a lyft. 
Thanks giving is a long weekend in Toronto so we wanted to do something for our three days off. We found website very good. It is a website for students and trips are cheaper than trying to plan yourself. Very handy as everything is planned for you and got the stay in very nice hotels. We went up to French Canada for the weekend which cost us $289 which Is 200 euro. This included two hotels both nights, 3 cities visits, guided tour and travel on bus for whole tour. It was very pretty side of Canada and very different to Toronto. Website does long weekends and day trips. 
To anyone going on there third year, I can’t stress enough to safe as much as possible!! You want to see as much as you can where ever you go. You also don’t know when you might need the money for unexpected trips. I was lucky I had saved money for my year away. I got sudden bad news at home and had to get home as soon as I could for a funeral. I had to book flights late at night for the next day to fly home to Ireland. Last minute flights aren’t cheap but thankfully I was able to get flights and had savings. 
Just like WIT, there is a week off in the middle of the semester. I had my boyfriend visit for the week so did all the tourist things like hop on hop off bus. The hop on and hop off bus in Toronto gave me more insight into the city. Distillery region in city was my favorite and is a most do. The first semester is also in middle of fall season which is very pretty. I would recommend going to parks and forest to really see the leaves which is a big thing in Canada. I used the isx website again for a day trip. Seen many different areas on this trip like Dundas peak which is well worth seeing.

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