Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Slieve Donard Family

Hey guys this will be my second blog update of my time at the Slieve Donard. Since my last blog update lots of changes are happening in the hotel. A New Executive Head Chef Kealen McMichael and New General Manager has been appointed at the Hotel, Mr Michael Weston. He had a meeting with all the staff in the hotel to introduce himself, tell us about his background, told us what he expects out of the staff under his management and what expects for the future of Slieve Donard Resort & Spa.
In my last blog I talked briefly about working in the lighthouse lounge. I have been getting a lot of more work shifts in the lighthouse which I do enjoy having the responsibility of working on your own, but it does get lonely at times because it is a separate kitchen on the in the right wing of the hotel. It can be a very busy place must of the time especially because the lighthouse lounge is where most of the spa customers go for there light lunch after or before there treatments and a place for lunch for the guests in the hotel.

The first thing I really noticed when I started working in the Slieve Donard how kind and friendly everyone is. I cannot credit the staff enough in the hotel. They really do go above and beyond for you in here. I would like to give a special mention to Eugene Rooney who is one of the managers here in the Hotel. When I first started here, I has having one of those days like everyone does where everything wasn’t going to plan, and Eugene came over to me to cheer me up and made sure I was ok.  Its just little things like that makes you respect people even more and especially when you take special care of your work colleague. In my eyes the staff need to be priority before the customers. As JW Marriot founder of Marriott Hotels once said, ‘If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself’. I really do stand by this saying and what its means especially when working in the hospitality industry.

Working with the Hastings Group means that we get an amazing staff discount in any of the Hastings Hotels around Northern Ireland. We have been lucky enough to stay in the Grand Central Hotel in Belfast lately and decided to make the must of it. We went to see a musical in the Grand Opera House and went to one of the must popular pubs in Belfast, The Harp Bar. It really is never a dull moment when Saoirse and Robert are there. They truly are a bundle of joy to be around even though they drive me up the wall half the time!

That’s all for know for my blog post stay tuned for the big conclusion of my journey at the Slieve Donard.

Sending you all Christmas hugs,
Aine x

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